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Battery Modules

Battery Modules are required for connection to the All in One line.
This series has been developed to complete the range of ADEL SYSTEM products on offer and includes complementary items which however can only contribute to the quality of overall performance
and safety of the entire line dedicated to uninterruptible power supply.

Main Features Batt- Battery Module:

Output voltage 27,5Vdc (20°C)
Short-circuit protection
Operating range in minutes
Small size
Ambient temperature operation field: 5 ÷ 40°C
Battery Modules are available in the following sizes: 1.2 – 3 – 7.2 and 12Ah.
They have been developed to enable battery applications to be carried out in safety.
For this reason, they are fitted with fuse and terminal vlock and the whole set of batteries is protected by a case.

Datasheet & Manuals

Main Features Small VRLA:

Maintenance free lead AGM, VRLA Technology
Output: 24Vdc 1.2, 3, 7.2, 12Ah
Protection: Fuse
Connection with screws
Short Circuit Protection
Wall Mount with screws
DIN Rail Mount
Small Size on the panel

Second generation of ultra-compact Battery Holders, for VRLA and LI-Ion Batteries, unique product for mounting DIN Rail and Wall mount for all models; the 12 Ah only for wall mounting.
Steel Container, high battery protection, a minimum encumbrance on the DIN Rail combines the batteries overlapped.
They are constantly monitored by the ADEL System DC UPS. Available in 24V.

Datasheet & Manuals

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