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CBI Power Supply, Back-up Modules and Battery Charger

This is a revolutionary line, designed to provide uninterruptible power whatever condition the system is in, by means of sophisticated and completely automatic management of any type of industrial battery. Easy to install, these are compact devices which perform three key functions: power supply, Back Up Module and Battery Charger. The UPS range is no more than an extension of the CBI range, designed to enhance some of its particular features, such as the RS 232 connection output, dual output voltage independent

Main Features:

Output: 12, 24, 48Vdc, in case of fault in the main too
Output In: 2,5A ÷ 20A, in case of fault in the main too
Automatized repartition of the available power between the battery charge and re-charge functions, up to the double of the power value available at the charge output regarding to the input current
Visual signals for “Main no-voltage”; “Battery fault”; “Low battery signal – capacity less than 30%”; “Battery charge mode”; “Help through blinking code signal”
Signalling relay with voltage-free NO-NC output terminals for “Main or Back-up” and “Battery faulty/flat”
3 charging modes: “Boost”; “Trickle”, “Recovery in case of completely flat battery”
Self-diagnostic function: “High voltage at battery ends”; “Open or sulphated battery”; “Inverted battery connection”; “Possible short-circuited element”; “protection against short-circuit”
Set to manage “Boost” and “Trickle” charge from remote control

Accessories on demand: external temperature probe for voltage compensation; voltage drop compensation; remote display LED panel

Compact dimensions

Ambient temperature operating field: -10 ÷ 50°C IP20
CBI’s integrate power supply, back-up modulus and battery charging functions. These devices are based on microcontroller switch-mode technology, which optimizes the times for charging and discharging accumulators without discharging the battery completely. They switch the battery onto Load without any interruptions and automatically protect output against reverse polarity, short-circuiting, overload and overcharging without a fuse. They also diagnose the internal status of the battery using the Life Test function, enable the most appropriate recharging curve to maximum efficiency of the system to be selected and guarantee batteries a long life over time, whilst enhancing their performance. With two relays output, one for Main/BackUp one for battery monitoring, they comply with the most innovative standards for battery management as well as electrical safety. DIN Rail Mountable.

Datasheet & Manuals
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